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Benefits of Ballet

Ballet does have a bit of an image problem; many people immediately think of dainty little girls in tutus flaying their arms about. This is not an accurate picture of the historical dance form however and yet this image hasn’t shifted all too much in the past century. Seen as a predominantly feminine venture, ballet has been the fuel for mocking people’s masculinity in many scenes on film, however many males are pleased to take up the art form, after all it is far more than just pale pink dresses and poses. Ballet requires a certain level of discipline and puts particular demands on the body, which few other past times do. If this controlled form of dance has ever intrigued you before, then you may be interested to know it holds these benefits among others.


Ballet gets the blood pumping. It may not look like it from the professionals who make everything look easy and effortless, but the quick movements needed to execute many of the routines require lots of speed. Practicing in itself will help you break a sweat easily, from jumping on the spot to pacing around the room in controlled strides, ballet will help you burn off some calories just by performing it.


Again, thanks to the skill of those who sit at the top of the industry, when done flawlessly, ballet doesn’t look like it takes much strength at all. However, don’t forget about the lifts. You may need to get used to lifting you dance partner entirely off the ground and holding them there for extended periods of time over and over again. This will require not just strength in your arms but your entire body as your core helps keep you upright and your legs hold everything atop of them. Additionally, your own body weight is something you will become accustomed to carrying in new ways as you balance in demanding poses and on a single foot often.


your core strength as mentioned, will be assisted by ballet but your general posture will be an enormous part of your performance. To perform any piece correctly, your posture will need to be no less than great. The position of your spine and the angle of your chest and pelvis are constantly under scrutiny in class. Expect your back to ache a little after class as you muscles get used to the new positions and correct your daily posture along the way.


Much in the same way that yoga helps your body become a little more elastic, the exaggerated poses in ballet require your whole body to move in new ways. The outcome of this is that positions you thought once were impossible are now warm ups for you. Ballet makes sure your legs are both strong and flexible as they are focally a big part of what you do here. Twisting and untwisting will become natural to you as you contort your body into new shapes and forms as your muscles instinctively learn to loosen up.

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