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5 Iconic Dance Moves

The Twist

Known for taking over dance floors in the late 1950’s, the twist is an easy to perform move that was highly fashionable at the time. Though it may only be performed by older people at parties today, this move was monumental when it first hit the public back in ’59. Thanks to its perfect pairing with the rhythms and tempos of the rock and roll of the era it was easy to execute this one and follow the music for everyone. This no doubt influenced other dances that were developed in order to get entire floors of people interacting with the music. If you aren’t familiar with the move, make sure to keep an eye out for John Travolta and Uma Thurman pulling this off in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

Gangnam Style

Though it is clearly a more recent phenomenon, the origins of this dance (and its accompanying song) that captured millenials were founded back in the age of the twist. Chubby Checker who was responsible for getting the twist craze underway with his cover of the song of the same name, later created a dance called the pony. Though this was less popular than the twist, it clearly made enough of an impact to inspire Psy way over in Korea. The dance which uses very similar footwork to the pony adds a cross armed gesture which emulates holding the reigns of a pony. This style of dance which clearly reflects a real world activity is a culture all in of itself.

Hammer Dance

Known for his overly baggy trousers or pants as said on his native turf, MC hammer was a hit on many dance floors and still is. The hammer dance however is an unforgettable piece of dance that caused millions to replicate. With legs spread further than shoulders, a shuddering of the body and even more so the feet are used to shuffle left and right in a mesmerising way, almost as mesmerising as the clothes worn in the music video.

The Robot

With several variances, this move or moveset has become well known as a cop out for those who don’t wish to dance regularly. By keeping a stiff torso, the robot usually begins with moving the arms so that they appear to be held by hinges at the elbow, forearms moving back and forth frequently. As long as the body seems to remain rigid, the robot is essentially being performed as leg movements and gestures equated to automatons follow in suit. These mime-like moves have gone on to influence fantastic experimental robotic dances.


No doubt one of the most famous dance moves by one of the most famous modern musicians, the King of Pop himself Michael Jackson. This move is known for its mind-bending appearance in which the performer seems to be walking forward but actually moves in reverse. Seen in many music videos and in his live performances, expert dance Jackson has both inspired and perplexed so many across the globe with this move that by its nature is out of this world.

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