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Month: April 2019

Interpreting Interpretive Dance

One of the most perplexing styles of modern dance is interpretive dance. This exceedingly enigmatic style comes in a wide range of variations and in meant to be somewhat opaque. For this reason, this dance style has often been pushed aside by the mainstream, or those who require all information and context in glaring neon […]

Robot Revolution – Part 2

Phantom Footwork Though lots of robot dancing is performed on the upper body commonly using the arms as the focal points, the legs are still a vital component in these performances. From skills learned in the popping era, legs can be made to take new shapes and appear to pop in peculiar angles as well, […]

Robot Revolution – Part 1

The robot is a well-known style of dance, though it is commonly disregarded as a joke. You may already be thinking of dads long past their time who take to the dance floor and put their arms out at the side, bending their elbows back and forth simulating a lever. This is a form of […]