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Month: January 2019

Mac’s Dance – Always Sunny

It’s not often that television dedicates scenes entirely to dance. Despite body language being an intuitive part of our life, dance and expression through the body have become largely seen as obscure and abstract ways to get across a story or an emotion. Again, this is very odd knowing that everyone with eyes is taking […]

What Is Contemporary Dance? – Part 2

Expression in Dance Much of the new dance forms and styles began to become even more expressive than their predecessors. With exaggerated physical stances and body language amplified by full body gestures, the artists at work turned up the emotional volume as they strayed from the norm. This also allowed room for more narrative to […]

What Is Contemporary Dance? – Part 1

When it comes to the title it’s a bit of a misnomer since many of the techniques and methods use in contemporary are from over a century ago. However, the title continues to roll over into each New Year with ease simply because there are no real defined parameters for what it is exactly. Because […]